What Motivates You?

How much get up and go do you really have? How much motivation? And why? Well, it is all very well other people telling us what they want us to do, and it is all very well us telling ourselves what we think we should do – at the end of the day, we are really going to get out and do if we are really motivated. And it is useful to know why we become motivated.

There are methods to increase your motivation, but it is useful to know your focus, to know why you are getting out and doing things. Here we are offering a guide for you rather than a quiz – it is intended to allow you to start to consider what really motivates you.

Rate the following statements as they apply to you –

In general, I do things:

Q1. ... because I like making interesting discoveries.

Q2. ... for the pleasure of acquiring new knowledge.

Q3. ... for the pleasure of learning new, interesting things.

Q4. ... for the pleasure of learning different interesting facts.

Q5. ... because of the pleasure I feel as I become more and more skilled.

Q6. ... for the pleasure I feel mastering what I am doing.

Q7. ... because of the satisfaction I feel in trying to excel in what I do.

Q8. ... because of the pleasure I feel outdoing myself.

Q9. ... in order to feel pleasant emotions.

Q10. ... because of the sense of well-being I feel while I am doing them.

Q11. ... for the pleasant sensations I feel while I am doing them.

Q12. .. for the enjoyable feelings I experience.

Q13. ... in order to help myself become the person I aim to be.

Q14. ... because I chose them as means to attain my objectives.

Q15. ... because I chose them in order to attain what I desire.

Q16. ... because I choose to invest myself in what is important to me.

Q17. ... because I would beat myself up for not doing them.

Q18. ... because otherwise I would feel guilty for not doing them.

Q19. ... because I force myself to do them.

Q20. ... because I would feel bad if I do not do them.

Q21. ... because I do not want to disappoint certain people.

Q22. ... because I want to be viewed more positively by certain people.

Q23. ... in order to show others what I am capable of.

Q24. ... in order to attain prestige.

Q25. ... although I do not see the benefit in what I am doing.

Q26. ... although it does not make a difference whether I do them or not.

Q27. ... even though I do not have a good reason for doing them.

Q28. ... even though I believe they are not worth the trouble.

Please answer all of the questions