How Close is Your Relationship?

Quizzes and questionnaires about relationships are always interesting, and for two reasons. First of all, they provide a good indicator of how we really feel about our relationships – they ask questions we may not ask of ourselves.

And then the questions themselves make us think about aspects of our relationships that may benefit from some attention, some nurturing.

Try the quiz, see not only how you score, but what it makes you think about.

Q1. My partner and I feel the same way about each other.

Q2. My partner displays an appropriate amount of affection towards me.

Q3. My partner’s feelings are as strong for me as mine are for them.

Q4. I do not feel my partner is committed to me.

Q5. My partner and I use open communication.

Q6. I am patient and forgiving of my partner.

Q7. My partner and I work together to solve conflicts.

Q8. I feel that I should be able to disclose intimate, personal things about myself without hesitation.

Q9. I expect the same standard of behavior from my partner as they expect of me.

Q10. I am happy with the amount of physical affection.

Q11. I do not want my relationship to last.

Q12. My partner is strongly motivated to devote their time and effort to our relationship.

Q13. My partner listens to me.

Q14. I feel like my partner does things to maintain our relationship.

Q15. My partner tries to understand why I am upset.

Q16. My partner sincerely reveals to me their feelings and experiences.

Q17. My partner does not contribute as much to our relationship (financially) as I do.

Q18. My partner compliments me often.

Q19. I am strongly motivated to devote time and effort to our relationship.

Q20. My partner often discusses our future together.

Q21. I feel comfortable voicing my preferences in the relationship.

Q22. I am not very motivated to be involved.

Q23. I feel comfortable letting my partner know when I am upset.

Q24. I intimately disclose who I really am, openly and fully.

Please answer all of the questions