Recognising Addiction

A few drinks are fine – in fact, research shows that a little alcohol can be beneficial to your health. But a little alcohol can all too easily become a little more, and a little more, until totally unnoticed a dependency develops. This is not a sign of weakness, it is simply a sign of the highly addictive nature of alcohol, and of how dependencies can sneak up.

We use alcohol as an example, as it is the world’s most widely used drug, but it can equally apply to any substance.

Try the quiz, to make sure all is well!

Q1. I can easily go a day without a drink.

Q2. I tell people my friends drink more than me.

Q3. I drink more now than I used to.

Q4. People close to me think I drink too much.

Q5. Few people know exactly how much I drink.

Q6. In the last two weeks, I actually did go a day without a drink.

Q7. I am happy to drink alone.

Q8. I often drink more than I intended.

Q9. I make resolutions to drink less, then break them.

Q10. My doctor has mentioned my drinking to me.

Please answer all of the questions