Loss: Are You Coping?

If you have suffered a loss, you will know how difficult acceptance is. And true acceptance is the only way forward.

Sometimes it is difficult to recognise when we are not accepting. We feel the loss, and the sadness, certainly, but sometimes we can take it particularly hard, in ways which prevent acceptance. We miss other signs that we are not dealing fully with the trauma we have suffered.

Take this quiz – answer these questions with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’. The questions are based on extensive psychology research, and the answers can reveal how well you are coping with your loss. You may very well be surprised.

So, since the loss -

Q1. Have your sleeping patterns changed?

Q2. Has your weight changed much?

Q3. Have you been greatly or regularly confused?

Q4. Do you find yourself crying spontaneously?

Q5. Have you been unable to concentrate?

Q6. Have others told you that you are not coping well?

Q7. Have you had suicidal thoughts?

Q8. Have you thought of harming yourself or others?

Q9. Have you been unable to make decisions?

Q10. Have you felt uncontrollable rage?

Q11. Have you experienced physical pain, especially back pain?

Q12. Have you worried about your thoughts or behaviour?

Q13. Have you avoided socialising?

Q14. Are you drinking more alcohol?

Please answer all of the questions