Do You Know Your Food?

These days information about what we eat seems to fly around – so many conflicting notions, so many fad diets. We need to be able to see through the noise to the information that is important: how do we eat simply and healthily?

But seeing through the noise is not easy. Try our questionnaire – prepared with our professional dietitian – and see how much pure information you have at your fingertips.

Answer these simple questions:

Q1. Carbohydrates are bad for us and should be avoided.

Q2. The most nutritious part of the egg is the white.

Q3. Always eat the skin of the apple.

Q4. Nuts, seeds and pulses supply all the necessary requirements for protein.

Q5. 'Free radicals' are produced in the body from an unhealthy diet.

Q6. Eating colourful fruit can help prevent disease.

Q7. Vitamin D must be manufactured with sunlight, and cannot be eaten.

Q8. A low-fat diet will control weight and prevent heart disease.

Q9. Margarine is a healthy alternative to the animal fat in butter.

Q10. My skin is about 80% water.

Please answer all of the questions