How Positive Are You?

Being generally positive or negative in your outlook is not something that you are born with, like your height or the colour of your eyes. Being positive is actually a choice, a choice you can train yourself to make as part of your day-to-day life.

And being positive can make such a difference in your life. It is not that being positive makes good things happen to you magically, it is really rather quite simple: people like to associate with positive people, they like to be with them, to share what they have, their ideas, their companionship, their friendship. And good things come from this type of quality relationship with people in your life.

So, rank the following statements by how often you are likely to say them to yourself:

Q1. I am respected by my peers.

Q2. I have a good sense of humour.

Q3. I will be successful at this.

Q4. I'm in a great mood.

Q5. There are many people who care about me.

Q6. I am comfortable with life.

Q7. I am a lucky person.

Q8. I have friends who support me.

Q9. Life is exciting.

Q10. There's nothing to worry about.

Q11. I'm so relaxed.

Q12. My life is running smoothly.

Q13. I have many useful qualities.

Q14. There is no problem that is hopeless.

Q15. I do not tend to let people down.

Q16. I state my opinions with confidence.

Q17. I've accomplished a lot today.

Q18. I am fun to be with.

Q19. I enjoy a challenge.

Q20. Bad days are rare.

Please answer all of the questions