Is Anxiety Gripping You?

Anxiety is a growing problem in the modern world – it is the most requested treatment of all therapies in the United Kingdom. And it is not simply a matter of lying awake at night worrying: the symptoms of anxiety can be overwhelming. But anxiety can be treated.

Determine the level of your exposure, and whether you may need some help dealing with the problem.

Answer each question as you feel now.

Q1. I feel calm.

Q2. I feel secure.

Q3. I am tense.

Q4. I feel upset.

Q5. I am worried over possible misfortunes.

Q6. I feel strained.

Q7. I feel indecisive.

Q8. I feel pleasant.

Q9. I am cool, calm and collected.

Q10. I feel difficulties piling up - it will be difficult to overcome them.

Q11. I worry about things that do not really matter.

Q12. I feel nervous and restless.

Q13. I get into a state of tension when I think about my recent activities.

Q14. I feel rested.

Q15. I feel satisfied with myself.

Q16. I wish I could be as happy as others seem to be.

Q17. I sometimes feel my heart racing when I am nervous.

Q18. My hands tremble when I am nervous.

Q19. I experience terror or fear.

Q20. I am afraid of losing control.

Please answer all of the questions