Can You Do It?

If we allow them to, our lives can become quite ordinary: we settle into a rhythm, day after day.┬áBut what about the challenges? What about what you really want to achieve? What about those dreams, those ambitions to do so much more, to make so much more of a mark? How many of these have been shelved ‘temporarily’, with the idea that at least for the moment they are ‘too hard’?

How do you approach difficulty? Try the quiz, by ranking how often you would make the following statements:

Q1. I find new challenges refreshing.

Q2. With so many regulations these days it is impossible to get new things done.

Q3. There is a steady path of advancement where I am.

Q4. My job really requires all my focus right now.

Q5. I would like to try something new, but I am under qualified.

Q6. The structured environment serves me well.

Q7. I would need to start at the bottom again to do that.

Q8. Money is simply how we measure: wealth simply designates your success.

Q9. You can't just go off and do that! There are channels!

Q10. I read an article - that can't be done.

Q11. The boss won't like it.

Q12. I know what he said, but what is really the case?

Q13. Yeah, that would be great ... but how does anyone achieve that?

Q14. It was easier in the old days.

Q15. You have to fill out the form - it says so.

Q16. I know it's legal, but I had better check if it is ok to do this.

Q17. If no-one else has done it, why do you think you can?

Q18. Yes, I would like to do that, but ....

Please answer all of the questions