Are You Living With Purpose?

Life can be so full of day-to-day commitments that sometimes they can totally absorb us, end up taking every waking minute, every available piece of energy.  We end up living day-to-day wholly within our daily routine. Things become humdrum. We start to feel as if we are drifting, as if life is something that is happening to us, rather than something that we are actively doing.

A life with purpose is a life outside of the humdrum: we create our own goals for ourselves, and we pursue them with vigour, and above all with pleasure.

Do you live a life of purpose? Rate the following statements about yourself:

Q1. I know what my natural gifts and talents are.

Q2. I look forward to what I have planned for myself.

Q3. I am too involved with work to think about anything.

Q4. I enjoy planning my life outside of work.

Q5. Right now, my life enables me to express my ideas and talents.

Q6. My bucket list gets longer and longer.

Q7. I do not know how others have the time to do all that stuff.

Q8. I am too tired after work to be able to make plans.

Q9. I am happy to be given direction on things to do.

Q10. I have projects, but they will have to wait a while.

Please answer all of the questions