Are you Emotionally Aware?

It is a common belief that we are generally rational and non-emotional, and that we are fully aware of when we are acting out of emotion: love, anger, spite … we all recognise these emotions, and we recognise when they are gripping us. But even the least of our actions will be affected by emotion – the question is, how much are you aware of the emotions in your life?

How would you apply the following statements to you:

Q1. I am flexible and open to change.

Q2. I never take instant dislikes to people.

Q3. I am happy to speak openly in standing up for myself.

Q4. I will not hesitate to express my emotions.

Q5. I do not interfere with other people's emotions.

Q6. I am clear about my own and others' emotions.

Q7. I am happy to act on impulse.

Q8. I am self-confident.

Q9. I will stop or change direction easily when I encounter difficulty.

Q10. I have great social skills.

Q11. I am confident and positive.

Q12. My emotions play a part in all my decisions.

Q13. Others bring their problems to me unasked.

Q14. I am able to keep my emotions locked down.

Please answer all of the questions