Mind Training for a Better Way of Being

The Anamaya Quizzes are designed to help you test your emotional and mental wellbeing. They are also useful for monitoring your progress through Modules and Meditations on the Anamaya App. Enjoy!

For the youngsters and their parents, we have Anamaya for Schools — the world’s first and only Mindfulness for Schools app.



The Anamaya Quizzes

Each Anamaya Quiz is designed to probe gently into how your mind works, to help you to see where the anxiety comes from, to help you see your way through a difficult patch in your relationship, to help you find your way back to your feet after that devastating bereavement.

Start afresh, have a go. Or use the quizzes periodically to see how you are developing with the Modules and the Meditations on the Anamaya App.

The questions are fun and easy, and the results can be eye-opening. And we never leave you hanging … we are there to help.